Human Aspects in Autonomous Systems

What is the role of the human in autonomous systems;

  • How do we control the system, do we have the situational awareness, how do we design the systems and the control of it to ensure high safety
  • How do we use the systems as passenger, how is the acceptance
  • How do we interact and communicate with them in our daily life, how do we ensure that the systems will achieve high effectiveness without us humans disrupting it with unwanted behavior like crossing the roads all the time

Business Development and Innovation

What are the business value, the players, the value creation and proposition is autonomous systems, which will have a much higher complexity and a new set of players compared to todays systems.

Systems Security

How do we design autonomous systems for sustainability, effectiveness and safety, how should we approve and and certify the systems, and how do we ensure that systems are designed with a security focus from the start, how do we design and standardize the systems for interconnection and end-to-end integration mechanisms.

Machine Learning and Smart Sensors

Autonomous systems require a large amount of information for making the right decisions. Smart sensors will be able to feed more and reliable information to any system. Redundancy information, utilized by smart sensors, can be used to increase the reliability of the systems and decrease the exchange of information within the system. Data driven models, developed using machine learning methods, can then use this information to assist the system in making the correct decisions.

Logistics and multi modal operations

Future logistics solution will be end-to-end focused spanning over multiple modes of transport. Systems of systems of interconnectivity and immediate feedback on delivery time upon order can be possible.

Distributing transport over many modes and autonomous transport entities may offer less conflict with other modes of transportation and yield higher capacity to our general transport networks. The sea offer in addition new opportunities of transport capacity if utilized with autonomous short sea shipping routes.